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Gabriel Bur was born in 1970 in Saarbrücken (Germany) and is living in Berlin since 1992.

Encouraged by his dedicated art teacher, who was eager to develop his talent, Gabriel Bur experimented with different techniques of painting. After this time Gabriel learned through literature studies and practical experience most of the techniques he is using.

Starting from 1999 Gabriel Bur is professional fine artist. His oeuvre includes a variety of techniques in painting, sculpting and constructive arts. Art works are designed conceptually and experimentally ranging from three-dimensionally appearing paintings to composed non-figurative plastic assemblages.

Starting at the begin of his career he worked in projects involving large scale paintings and murals for social events, e.g. graphical artworks for the American Heart Association, Kansas City (USA), the interior design of a discotheque in Varna (Bulgaria) and recently a  pavilion (oder stand) for the OLMA-fair in St. Gallen (Switzerland).

In 2005 Gabriel Bur realized, he had touched the limits of his potential and needed somebody to further develop and hone his skills.

When applying with his portfolio at the Kü e.V. Gabriel Bur came to the attention of Anna Adam, who offered to teach him. From 2005 until 2007 Gabriel Bur received individualized personal instruction and promotion from the free-lance artist, stage designer and installation artist, which led to a new combination of Gabriels work techniques and perception.

Up until now Gabriel Bur favors to display his works in public areas, because he feels that way he could make them accessible to different observers.
For the future collective projects of Anna Adam and Gabriel Bur are planned.

Solo exhibitions


Berlin, Skoda Centrum
Bernau, Offene Galerie [P]
Berlin, Der Garten terra-architectura

until 2006

Exhibitions in public areas


Berlin, OFFline-Galerie


Berlin, natural'mente at the Makrozentrum

2009 Hamburg, Haus der Volksbühne

Participation in exhibitions


Berlin, KAP Galerie


Saarbrücken, Galerie Liel


Berlin, Kü e.V.
Aachen, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst


Berlin, OFFline-Galerie, Schokolade-hoch-drei

2009 Berlin, download100
Stolberg, Museum Zinkhütter Hof
Berlin, TKF
Vienna/AT, Galerie Wasserturm
Villach/AT, D. U. Offene Galerie


since 2000

Cooperative projects in large scale and special murals for social events in Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria

since 2004

Participation in projects for children (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund, Bunter Kreis, againstchildporn-Organization)

since 2008 The Pufamuffel, the being of the city discovers the being of the city.
2009 Project "Reading School - What are books doing with us?", Public school at the Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
2010 Berlin My Inspiration: Berlin inspired art wear. Start at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at 2010-01-23

Member of the
VG Bild-Kunst since 2005
Member of the e.V. from 2005 until 2008
Member of the Neuen Kulturinitiative am Kottbusser Tor, Berlin in 2008

Gabriel Bur: “Der Stillstand des Moments im scheinbaren Innehalten der Zeit”
        (the standstill of the moment in the pretended detaining of time)

I have been working creatively (as an artist) for my whole life and chose fine arts – painting, sculpting and constructive arts – as my profession in 1999. After a long time of self study I created and developed new combinations of perception and implementation as a result of the tuition and creative contact to Anna Adam.

In the new spread of painting and object arts using the different techniques I conceptually and experimentally toy with “SpieIwerk” (play works) showing surreal snap-shots and the topography of faces inspired by archaic Hermai. So masks set onto pillars come into being, which unsettle and let you pause.

Jana Ritter, free-lance artist and scholar of cultural studies writes about my paintings (translated): »Gabriel combines, leads his figures, playfully, lets us toy (with our perception).  Colors, Materials, Forms used by him produce a new composition, make another own dimension within the picture.  The traditional pictorial space achieves a depth, which is not explicable just from bizarre but familiar colors, materials (“teddy-bear”) or 'common' background composition ... The poised combination of different techniques, e. g. Airbrush with mixed media, pastels and others, show his fondness for experiments which “before (making)” forms the material, lets emerge, lets go along – perturbed-conceptional creation in the truest sense.«

I develop my art works from a very individually worked out plasticity of the special material, where the thematic aspect of the concept finds the colors and materials for the art work by itself. In the spontaneous phase during producing often ordinary objects and materials are incorporated into the art work, to create the concept and character of the pictorial work. The aim is to grant the observer much room for his own interpretation to help develop a certain identification with the art work.

"As an artist I am a mirror of society and reflect emotions, which I am confronted with throughout the day. In my works I express, what I miss in our interaction. Even if my work apparently – seen superficially – seem to be illustrations from a children's book, it is the incredible depth which touches."

Gabriel Bur, 2007

"Appearances can be deceiving and in our times seem so important. It is important to me, that the observer starts again, to question the visual aspect."

Gabriel Bur, 2008

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