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Pufamuffel Or Berlin?

The creation of the Pufamuffel was inspired by the Berliners and their mannerisms as  city slickers with heart and attitude.

Engaging in following the Pufamuffels into their own world you will remark some things we are missing into the city and the very own longings will be activated.  Abysmally beauteous at second glance they channel our longing for seeing to the untroubled view of children, but at the same glance to the origins of fears. At least the light will bring salvation afterward.

Jana Ritter, free-lance artist and scholar of cultural studies writes about my paintings (translated): »Gabriel combines, leads his figures, playfully, lets us toy (with our perception).  Colors, Materials, Forms used by him produce a new composition, make another own dimension within the picture.  The traditional pictorial space achieves a depth, which is not explicable just from bizarre but familiar colors, materials (“teddy-bear”) or 'common' background composition ...«

Pufamuffel IIPufamuffel IIIPufamuffel IVPufamuffel VIIPufamuffel VIII

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